As you read through

Five Smooth Stones, jot down your thoughts and plans to create your own "war book."



December 28, 2019

Grab a friend and meet us for the ultimate planning session of the first year in the new decade.  

$49.00 includes materials and lunch.  Great for individuals, ministries and small business owners.  Group pricing available!

Vision Board Event

Is your life completely clutter free?  Be honest.  

Most of us struggle with some form of clutter, tangible and intangible. In this

21 Day transformational course moving you discover that "white clutter" exists and takes up space in your mind and ultimately in your everyday thought processes. This course moves closer to your authentic, passionate AND Uncluttered self, putting everything and everyone where they belong.  This isn't being selfish.  This is self care.


Transformational Course

Patrice K. Starks - Giant Slayer


Dallas, TX

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