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Writing has always been a passion; being able paint pictures with words and then bring them to life in the reader's mind.  An avid writer most of my life, my career started in 2003 when I self published my first title which became a local best seller. Since then, I’ve never looked back.    Sassy, witty, poignant and vivid (and sometimes politically incorrect)  best describe my literary voice.    Yes, writing is my passion but it makes room for my gifts which are public speaking and encouragement. 


Ready to do the things you've always longed to accomplish?  Now is the time!  As a Certified Bucket List Coach, I have the privilege of helping individuals, groups and corporations to meet goals, through exciting live experiences which equate to corporate fun!  Much better than typical goal setting, because when you complete the task, we ALL celebrate.  

Corporate Sales Managers...need something new and exciting for your sales team?  I coach sales training with a personal win for the manager and the team. 

Human Resources Managers - most corporate org charts miss out on the importance of the front line staff.  I have a program that helps to create loyalty, delegate authority and reduce turn over for these valued yet often overlooked team.  And yes, you guessed it, these programs positively impact your organization's bottom line, through increased morale, enjoyable learning and a corporate win in sales and employee retention.   


Stuck in a rut? In many of my keynote addresses,  I offer ropes of hope to pull you out of that rut and help you to establish your path to forward progress. Each of us has a purpose in life.  It is my life's mission to inspire life without regrets, purposefully filled with passion.  I challenge individuals to live intentionally with authority.  

 "You write your own life's story.  If anyone else is trying to do that, it is time to repossess the pen!"


Six words transformed my life in 2017:  "you have ninety days to live."  Disagreeing fully with what I was being told,  I  purposed it in my mind and heart to make it, and I am here.  (But this wasn't my first rodeo, I come from a family of giant slayers and this is what we do.)  PRAY.  SLAY.  PLAY.

  I unapologetically introduce myself to you, a four time cancer survivor...and lifetime giant slayer. 

The Marathon Continues.


Best Selling Author & Playwright

Life Legacy & Success Coach

Giant Slayer - Extraordinaire 


Five Smooth Stones: 
Diary of a Modern Day
Giant Slayer

November 9, 2019

I am extremely proud and honored to share my latest work with you. My close friends, family, and of course my publisher know how much work was put into getting this book ready for release and publication.- And the day is quickly approaching.  November 9th is the online launch date, with the release celebration later in the month.


I’m so excited to finally share "Five Smooth Stones..." to help you to slay invisible giants, inevitable giants and incredible giants, one day at a time, as you work through this daily devotional. I share a daily virtue stone that will prove practical in your daily life as you encounter giants along the way.  This is more than a book, it is your "warbook" with quotes and a giant slaying playlist so that you are ready at any time to bring down any giant you may face.  

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Death of a Loved One

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Change

  • Uncertainty

But it is all shared with candor, charisma and my greatest asset, humor.  Listen, folks.  Live until you die.  Don't live waiting to die!


Thank you in advance for sharing this news with the world.  

"Giants do die, the bigger they are, the harder they fall..."

-Donald Lawrence


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